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Disrupt Developers! Build Local, Build with CityGrid

If you’re building local at this year’s Disrupt SF Hackathon, we challenge you to build using the CityGrid Places, Reviews and Offers APIs. Any dev team that builds using our platform will be eligible to win $2K after review by our on-site engineering team. Apps built on the platform during the official hackday will be judged based on the following criteria:

-inventive use of the APIs
-overall product concept
-overall product delivery

With just 24 hours to build, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. And don’t forget to stop by our table to ask our team anything local — we’re also hosting a workshop if you’d like a deeper dive into the APIs. Check your official schedule when you arrive on site.

See everyone there!

LocaLove App Challenge ~ $2K+ Prize!!!

At this month’s LA Spatial meetup, hosted at our HQ in West Hollywood, we announced the following challenge to developers in the room — and we want to extend the same challenge to you. We hope you all participate and can’t wait to see what you build!

LocaLove: Built by LA for Its Own Good – Deadline: 10/31

Take any available API and create an application that will immediately benefit the city of Los Angeles, its businesses, its visitors or its residents. The application must be mobile and can run on any platform you choose.

The criteria for winning this challenge will be a combination of factors including:

-Relevance to Los Angeles
-Perceived benefit to Los Angeles and/or its constituents
-Creative use, mix and mashing of available APIs
-UX and design

Prizes – winner takes all!

-Annual memberships to KCRW, LACMA, MOCA and Cinefamily
-Lunch with CityGrid CEO/CTO to get direct feedback on your application

UPDATE: We will be hosting a coding night, here at CityGrid HQ, in conjunction with the next LA Spatial meetup on 9/22. Join us and fellow like-minded developers to work on your app and bounce ideas off one another. Hope to see you! And can’t wait to see what you all eventually submit.

A Partnership To Help You Get From One Place To Another

Today we’re excited to be part of a very cool announcement from our friends at Factual. Factual has just released its Crosswalk API, which according to its blogpost, “makes it super easy for developers to translate how Place entities are represented by 3rd party APIs and websites. This is a first in a series of releases to make factual information more accessible and normalize content across the Web.” The post goes on to explain:

Factual Crosswalk does four things:
1. Converts a Factual ID into 3rd party identifiers and URLs
2. Converts a 3rd party URL into a Factual canonical record
3. Converts a 3rd party namespace and ID into a Factual canonical record
4. Provides a list of URLs where a given Factual entity is found on the Internet

In order to make this possible, Factual had to find partners in many of the existing places databases and a host of consumer facing local directories. We are happy to say Citysearch and Urbanspoon URLs will be returned by the new Crosswalk API as will CityGrid URLs which can then be used to query our platform.

Make sure and read the full announcement for all the details. We hope this partnership makes it easier for you to develop across platforms and that many new developers will be able to experience CityGrid for the first time as a result.