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Time to Close v1, Moving to the New Platform

As most of you know, back in January we launched the second version of the CityGrid API suite. Updates to the platform included:

  • increased query volume
  • box and circle additions to region search
  • histogrammed results, grouped by category
  • impression tracking and improved reporting
  • more enhanced place page content from new premium partners
  • additional national and local advertisers in more cities
  • and more

We’ve been very happy with your adoption of version 2, and we’ve gathered good feedback from you along the way for upcoming and ongoing improvements. As we make these continual improvements with your help and input, version 2 will evolve to support the changing needs of your applications and business.

Which is why we’re announcing the close of version 1 on April 30th. All remaining publishers calling v1 APIs must migrate to v2 APIs by 11:59 ET on Saturday evening.  (more…)