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Introducing CityGrid’s New Developer Platform

Today, we re-launched our developer platform featuring V2 of all CityGrid APIs. Our newly designed developer center provides Web and mobile application developer’s better access to local business data and locally-relevant advertising. Our simplified offering now features:

Content by CityGrid — Now gives you access to richer local business listings to enhance your existing user experience or create a new local application. Our new APIs include:

Places API – Provides functionality for information on local businesses, including search, detail, user content submission, and predictive text.
Offers API – Provides coupons and special offers from businesses based on geographical location and category
Reviews API – Displays customer reviews based on listing IDs for certain geographic/category attributes

All APIs have been instrumented with impression tracking feeding our new beta reporting dashboard.

We do all the heavy lifting to aggregate enhanced places and monetization, letting you innovate on the fast growing local market.

It’s that simple.

Happy New Year and Happy Developing.