City of Austin, Texas Has An Open Data Portal

City open data sites are popping up all over the place. This year Austin, TX launched a new open data portal for the city alongside a website refresh for the city, using a Drupal-based website.

As part of a resolution affirming the City council’s commitment to open government, the city worked with open data platform Socrata to build and deploy the portal. The portal provides data downloads and APIs serving up local city data-sets such as water quality sampling data, animal intake reports, lobbying data and affordable housing inventory maps.

The Austin, Texas open data portal one more city to get on the open data bandwagon, following the recent launch of San Francisco, and adding to NYCChicagoBaltimoreSeattleSan Francisco, and New Orleans..

I’m spending time going through all the Socrata powered portals and finding some of the best data-sets CityGrid developers can use to enrich their local web and mobile applications. I am also spending time working with our data ingestion team to make them aware of the most valuable city datasets, as well as reaching out to each of the city data evangelists to make sure we work together around data, hackathons and future city initiatives.

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