CityGrid API Evangelist

Hello to all the CityGrid API developers!  My name is Kin Lane, and I’m the new API Evangelist for CityGrid.

As the API Evangelist for CityGrid I would like to focus my attention in two ways:

50% evangelizing externally, educating developers about CityGrid APIs
50% evangelizing internally, educating CityGrid about what developers need

My goal is to make sure developers understand what CityGrid delivers, but also make sure developer’s have a voice when it comes to the CityGrid API roadmap.

To give you a quick background on myself.  I am an engineer with over 20 years of programming experience.  I have worked with APIs for many years, but I have been focusing on the API industry exclusively for the last year while consulting and writing for ProgrammableWeb and API Evangelist.

As 2011 starts winding down, I will be hacking on the CityGrid API getting to know them, while I also get to know all of you, the developers that make the API what it is today.

I will be taking over forum and email support, as well as communicating regularly via this blog, Twitter, Facebook and other channels.

Make sure and introduce yourself, I’d love to hear your story!

Kin Lane
CityGrid API Evangelist