The CityGrid Hackathon Los Angeles is a Wrap!

The CityGrid Hackathon Los Angeles (#CityGridHackathonLA) this weekend at Coloft in Santa Monica was a huge success.  Over a hundred developers, students and business, marketing, advertising professionals registered, with about 80 showing up to compete for over $8,500.00 in prizes.

Fourteen sponsors stepped up to make the event happen including CityGrid, CloudyRec, Jeppesen, Factual and

Out of 13 projects, 4 stood out, taking home the top prizes:

  • 1st Prize ($5,000.00) – Spot+Go (#spotplusgo) - A local discovery application allowing you to easily explore places around you.
  • 2nd Prize ($2500.00) – N the Middle (#nthemiddle) - A local discovery application that provides information on places that are in the middle between you and someone you wish to meet.
  • 3rd Prize ($500.00) – Find Me (#FindMe) - A location sharing application allowing you to securely share your information via email and SMS with the people you choose.
  • 3rd Prize ($500.00) – Recommend LA (#RecommendLA) - An places affinity API and application that goes beyond just reviews, and find places that other people who have common interests.

Judges really liked both Find Me and Recommend LA, and decided to split up 3rd place for both projects, making space for all four winners.

With 13 projects built total over the weekend, 80 attendees coming and going over 48 hours and numerous bagels, sandwiches, pizzas, red bulls, coffee and red vines consumed, 428 tweets by 181 Twitter users, I consider the hackathon a success.

Coloft, the co-working space that hosted the event was awesome.  The facility was comfortable and perfectly setup for a hackathon, and the staff was extremely helpful, even mentoring some projects throughout the weekend.

I’m gathering our thoughts from the weekend, and later this weekend, I will begin planning the other 8 hackathons we have planned for the CityGrid 2012 Hackthon Tour.

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