CityGrid Takes Stance Against SOPA and PIPA

Sites across the Internet today are blacking out to show opposition to SOPA and PIPA.  Wikipedia, Craigslist and Google are just a few major sites that have chose to go completely black or just black out certain content to help educate users about the potentially damaging effects of these bills.

CityGrid stands firm in opposition of SOPA, and PIPA with the following sites participating:

  • Urbanspoon – Will black out access to portions of the site’s user-generated content (including photos and reviews)–when users hover over the black areas, they’ll be able to click on the UrbanSpoon anti-SOPA messaging to learn more, and then access the blocked content.
  • Citysearch – Local guide will be blocking access to multiple parts of the site: Things to Do Nearby; the first review under each business; and the marketing message on the top of the website; will also link to anti-SOPA messaging.

CityGrid encourages you to understand more about SOPA and PIPA, and reach out to your local congress-person, letting them know stand against these bills, and you want to keep the Internet open and accessible for everyone.

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