Congrats to ROXIMITY!

During TechCrunch Disrupt, we sponsored the wildly popular hackathon. With hundreds of developers packed into the SF Design concourse, we got the chance to lead an API workshop to promote our CityGrid APIs. To sweeten the experience, any dev team that built using our platform was eligible to win a $2K prize for their killer app.

We are happy to announce the ROXIMITY’s team won! Using our new Offers API, ROXIMITY is a location aware alert service. Users tell them what they’re into and as they walk or drive near places of interest to them, they receive a customized message. Special deals on food, half off shoes, or a reminder about that new exhibit at the museum, are just a few examples of the value ROXIMITY gives its users.

“The ROXIMITY team created a novel and useful product with our APIs,” Philip Lee, CityGrid. “They built a compelling local experience and created a new channel for connecting consumers and businesses.”

ROXIMITY hails from Denver, CO. Co-founders Danny Newman, Joe Mease and Austin Gayerhave worked on a number of web and mobile startups together over the years. With a passion for building exciting and engaging user experiences, the team has worked with such brands as Nascar, Coca-Cola, Audi USA, Sony Pictures, Target, Disney, MTV, Jamba Juice, Nickelodeon, Chipotle, and Victoria’s Secret.

“The CityGrid API was incredibly easy to implement and has great documentation,” said Danny Newman, founder, ROXIMITY. “CityGrid has exposed very powerful data in a simple to consume way and we are excited to continue to explore all its possibilities.”
Users can sign up at