Hyperpublic Places Developer Transition

Local data and discovery startup Hyperpublic was just acquired by Groupon.

Hyperpublic provided a places API allowing you to search for local businesses, restaurants, points of interest, and landmarks as well as a deals and events API.

Hyperpublic will be shutting down their data services on 3/2/2012, and recommends CityGrid Places API as a replacement for their service.

With SimpleGeo and now Hyperpublic, its becoming clear that running a businesses providing places and business data is hard, and acquisition is often the future for these startups. This can create lots of problems for developers who are trying to build applications and sustainable businesses around places data.

If you are building a local web or mobile app, I recommend using CityGrid Places API. CityGrid is owned by IAC an established company, ensuring our Places API will not be going anywhere.

Not only can developers depend on the API being around tomorrow, they can generate revenue inside their application using Places that Pay or web or mobile advertising.

Another lesson I take away from the Hyperpublic and SimpleGeo acquisition is that the space is hot! Local is definitely a good space to be in 2012.

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