Interactive Places API Comparison Reports

I built the Interactive Places Comparison Tool to help me understand the differences between popular places APIs. There is no better way to understand an API, than hack on it.When I first blogged about the Interactive Places API Comparison tool I had added a what and where search as well as a latitude and longitude search. Each search would return business listings from 3 places APIs: CityGrid, Google and Yelp.

Today I added a new report for each of the searches. Now for both the what / where and latitude / longitude searches, you can see a report of number of places returned and number of images, offers, reviews, and tips across all 3 APIs.

I will add other reporting features to the Interactive Places Comparison Tool in the near future, but I think I will add Factual and Foursquare to the list of APIs it compares before adding more bells and whistles.

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