Mobile Back-End as a Service Parse is Out of Beta

The mobile back-end as a service platform Parse has emerged out of beta and is ready for prime time.

Since launching in November they come a long way:

  • Over 10,000 developers on the platform.
  • The SDK is installed on tens of millions of devices.
  • The platform serves hundreds of millions of API requests per month.
  • The platform sends tens of millions of push notifications per month.
  • The company is up to 13 full time employees now.
  • Most of the numbers above are growing at 40% each month.

Parse now offers just two plans:

  • Basic (Free) – Offering 1 million requests
  • Pro ($199/month) – Offering 15 million requests

You can visit their pricing page for more information, where they also have an enterprise plan.

Parse has also updated their SDK to version 1.0, there is more details of this release on their site.