More Control Over CityGrid Review API Requests

I had a CityGrid developer post on the forum today, that they were concerned about the age of some of the reviews they were getting back with API requests.

When they did a search for the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland, OR–one of the reviews was nine years old.

When making a detail request against the CityGrid Places API you get reviews back with the business listing, without much control over how many, or which reviews when making the request.

Alternatively you can make a request against the CityGrid Reviews API, requesting a broad “where” or longtitue/latitude search for reviews, or specifically request the reviews for a specific places ID.

Three of the primary request fields you can adjust when making a CityGrid Reviews API request are:

  • rating – minimal rating for reviews
  • days – maximum age i days for the reviews
  • rpp – number of results to be returned

Using the CityGrid Reviews API you can get more granular level control over the reviews you display for a city, neighborhood, zip code, specific categories and for specific businesses you are profiling.

Make sure and think about how you will handle reviews for your web or mobile application, and better deliver business reviews for your users, using the CityGrid Reviews API in addition to the CityGrid Places API.

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