New CityGrid PHP, Python and Ruby Code Samples and Hackathon AMIs

We just published a new CityGrid API code samples page that  I’ve been working on.  We’ve had a page for the iPhone and Android SDK for a while, but I wanted to make sure we had some code samples and starter kits to help developers to quickly deploy web applications.

There are now PHP, Python and Ruby code samples you can download or fork.  There is also a local web directory I built using Twitter Bootstrap, which is available in PHP, Python and Ruby.

I developed the local directory starter kits, and code samples on an Amazon EC2 instance running Linux.   After I make any changes to the samples or starter kits, I just create a new AMI for each language, and make it public, for anyone to use.  You should take one of the AMI for a test drive, and let me know if you want to see any other APIs or tools on them, I will consider adding to the bundle.

I will keep working on new code samples and starter kits.  After I get them published to the CityGrid Github account, I will update the code samples page in the CityGrid Developer Center.

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