Number of Places API Calls Can Be A Real Bottleneck

I’m working on the Interactive Places API comparison tool, trying to finish some of the comparison reports that shows how many businesses each Places API produces with image counts, review counts, etc.

One of the biggest bottlenecks to my development has been the number of API calls I’m allowed to make.

Here is the breakdown of API call limits per provider:

  • CityGrid – No daily limit, 10M / month
  • Google – 1,000 calls/day
  • Yelp – 10,000 calls/day

Even though Yelp clearly allows more, they must have some other lower limit, because I keep hitting my quota just during development on the Interactive Places API comparison tool.

I’ll make one call to each provider with a search request, then I make individual detail calls for each place returned, but as of last night, this is only for CityGrid and Google–I haven’t even started pulling Yelp detail pages and every day I have to put away my development because I’ve hit their limit.

Yelp FAQ says I can ask for more, by emailing them, but it still is definitely a bottleneck for development

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