Open Source Utility for Recording Your Own Location Data

AntiMap Log is a smart phone utility application for ‘recording’ your own data.  The software was designed for tracking your location data while snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, driving, and running, but can be used for any type of activity.

The Open Source toolset, allows users to record their own data using the smart phone utility application (AntiMap Log) for data capture ,and then can use a web or desktop applications (AntiMap Simple and AntiMap Video) for analysis and visualization of the location data.

AntiMap Log comes as an iPhone or Android app, and since its open source it opens up a lot of possibilities for developers to empower users to track their own location data, publish and share as they wish, to merge with other online places data and create meaningful recommendations and visualizations.

I’m adding AntiMap Log to our list of tools and resources that CityGrid API developers can use to create richer location based applications, you can download the full source code at Github.