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CityGrid Tracker Added To WordPress Plugins

I’ve push the last couple days of changes to the CityGrid WordPress Directory and Search Plugins. I’m working to make the WordPress Plugins billable by default, so all you have to do is install, activate, plug in your publisher code and submit to our partner account management team.

Even with this push we aren’t 100% there yet. I will compare my demo WordPress sites to my checklist and submit them for review. The partner account management team will give me feedback on anything I left before I can be approved as billable, and start sharing revenue from “Places that Pay”.

I added the CityGrid tracker code to the places detail page for both the WordPress plugins:

Your WordPress installation should notify you of the update to the plugin, all you have to do is install it. The tracker will start providing more analytics about the traffic and interactions between your site visitors and the places you are displaying from CityGrid, which is available in your dashboard once billable.

I will run down my billable checklist tomorrow, and submit my demo sites for review.  Once I hear back I will blog abou the results.

Submitting Hyp3rL0cal for CityGrid Usage Requirements Compliance

When I built Hyp3rL0cal I wanted it to be a working example of how developers could build local directories using CityGrid Places and Advertising API. Since I want developers to be able to take the local directory prototype and deploy for themselves, I wanted to bring it as close to compliance with CityGrid usage requirements as I could.

To do this, I submitted Hyp3rL0cal for review by our partner account management team, to receive feedback on how to bring my local directory into compliance.

For the places search results page:

For the places detail page:

  • Ads Display - You can only display ads on profile pages for businesses that are non-advertisers. For example: You can view Katana’s Places Detail API response. You’ll notice an attribute that states “false”– this means you cannot display an ad for this business’ profile page. For businesses that are non-advertisers, their attribute will state “true”.
  • Customer Message Attribution - You need to provide the proper attribution for Customer Message. 
  • Optional ‘Profile URL’ - Since you have all of the required content displayed on your own profile page, you don’t need to display the ‘Profile URL’ which re-directs to Citysearch’s profile page.
  • Offer or Link – The Offer is not displaying correctly. If it may be difficult to get the full offer displayed correctly, you can choose to just display the link to view the full Offer. Our Usage Requirements give you the option to display either the entire offer or link.
  • Impression Tracker - In order for us to track impressions on your profile pages, you must implement our Places that Pay Impression Tracker. Please keep in mind that action targets must be user initiated. For example: You can fire the action target listing_profile when a user clicks on a business from the Search Results Page and is taken to the Profile page which displays all Places Detail API information. You can then set Javascript on-click events for the other action targets displayed on your Profile Page – such as listing_website, offer, listing_map and etc.
  • Footer attribution -  For all pages with CityGrid content – Under 3.8 Attribution in our Usage Requirements, the proper Footer Attribution must state the following: “Powered by CityGrid; Data from Infogroup ©[YEAR]” .
  • Search bar - Building a search bar in your directory increases user interaction and enables them open access to finding places they’re interested in.
  • Prominent Links -Make your links more prominent so that users are more apt to click on them. For instance, you can create buttons for “Menu”, “Email”, “View Website” and etc. instead of text links.Here are some examples:

I just went through all this feedback and updated the Hyp3rL0cal PHP directory, and then updated the Github repository. The only two things I did not implement was the Mapping URL and Impression Tracker.  I will make two separate posts out of this, much like I did with displaying ads on CtyGrid places detail pages.

I will work to update the Python and Ruby Hyp3rL0cal prototypes as well as the WordPress local directory when I can.  Hopefully we can some plug and play starter kits that are immediately compliant with CityGrid usage requirements, as soon as you install.