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APIs Allow Us To Do Data Without the Database

Over the holidays I developed a series of local directory prototypes that use the CityGrid APIs called Hyp3rL0cal.  Hyp3rL0cal is my playground where I build code samples, prototypes and hackathon tools built around places, offers, reviews and other location, local, social and mobile apps.

So far my local directory prototype uses three APIs:

I have a simple, but pretty robust local directory and I have yet to create a database.  I’m able to perform searches on businesses, display listings and details pages without ever reading or writing to a database.

The CityGrid API is responsive enough that my web application can make calls in real-time, and display results without a database.  I like this new API driven world we live in, one where I can build data driven web applications, without the traditional overhead of managing a MySQL or SQL Server database.

Beyond managing the database, I don’t have to manage the data they contain.  I can have high quality data in my application, without having to manage the data myself.

After 20+ years of data curation, I’m ready for this new paradigm, a world where I’m left to build a high quality web or mobile app, and leave the hard work of data and database management to someone else!