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Search for Businesses Using Phone Number

I tend to focus on searching for places with a what / where search–the where being a latitude / longitude, address, zip code, neighborhood and metro area.  But there is another quick way to search for a business, using the phone number.

The CityGrid Places Detail Search lets you search for business just by providing a phone number.

Here is an example search for Casa Bianca Pizza in Los Angeles:

All you have to provide is the phone number minus and dashes, spaces or other special characters, the client IP address and your publisher code.

It’s a pretty quick and dirty way to do a search for a business if you don’t know the location.

CityGrid Tracker Added To WordPress Plugins

I’ve push the last couple days of changes to the CityGrid WordPress Directory and Search Plugins. I’m working to make the WordPress Plugins billable by default, so all you have to do is install, activate, plug in your publisher code and submit to our partner account management team.

Even with this push we aren’t 100% there yet. I will compare my demo WordPress sites to my checklist and submit them for review. The partner account management team will give me feedback on anything I left before I can be approved as billable, and start sharing revenue from “Places that Pay”.

I added the CityGrid tracker code to the places detail page for both the WordPress plugins:

Your WordPress installation should notify you of the update to the plugin, all you have to do is install it. The tracker will start providing more analytics about the traffic and interactions between your site visitors and the places you are displaying from CityGrid, which is available in your dashboard once billable.

I will run down my billable checklist tomorrow, and submit my demo sites for review.  Once I hear back I will blog abou the results.

New CityGrid Template for WordPress Search Plugin

I pushed an update for the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin earlier today.   I finished porting over the changes to the CityGrid WordPress Search Plugin as well.

Both my WordPress plugins had a pretty basic look and feel, I wanted them to look better. So using the HTML and CSS template I borrowed from CityGrid I added it to both of the CityGrid WordPress Plugins to make them look sharper.

So now both the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin and CityGrid WordPress Search Plugin have a default UI template, as well as the ability to switch it and make it look like CityGrid.com.

Next I’m going to add another template or two, then start extending the functionality of each template, allowing WordPress site owners to have as much flexibility when deploying business search or directories using CityGrid Places API.