The Web is Reorganizing Around People, Via Their Mobile Devices

I am attending the Designing & Developing for Mobile Workshop at Adobe offices in San Francisco, CA today.  I just finished listening to a keynote from James Pearce, head of mobile developer relations at Facebook. In his presentation, Pearce started with a simple statement:

The web is reorganizing around people.

This statement is simple, but profound when you think of the web, as historically a bunch of pages and links. Not really about people. The web has shifted to be about people and their friends, and the photos, games and other connections that are made between people.

This shift in the web has a lot to do with how people are using the web. The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and as we interact with the web more and more via our mobile handsets it becomes more about us, our friends and the local worlds we live in. Nearly all of Facebooks growth is coming through mobile, across all levels of mobile devices, even on very low-end mobile devices. Facebook is supporting all of these devices through both native and web application development using HTML5.

All of this seems obvious on the surface, but when you consider that of the 800 million active Facebook users, 350 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices, it really dictates how important social, mobile and local will be in 2012.

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