Verizon Developer Center – NavBuilder Inside(NBI) APIs

I’m spending time getting to know the Verizon Developer Community. As I do I wanted to share my thoughts with the CityGrid developer community.

Verizon has four separate APIs that developers can use for mobile application development:

  • SMS Network API – Build Verizon’s messaging features into your applications
  • MMS Network API – Offering interactive services utilizing sound, pictures, and video
  • LBS Network API – Allows you to create applications which utilize the subscriber’s location as part of the delivery of your service
  • NBI LBS SDK – Location, navigation and mapping for Android, Blackberry, Brew and Windows Mobile.

Since Verizon and CityGrid are encouraging developers to use the NavBuilder Inside(NBI) APIs and CityGrid APIs, I figured I better get to know the NBI LBS SDK a little better.  I’ll cover their SMS , MMS and LBS Network APIs in another post.

With the NBI LBS SDK, Verizon focuses on location, navigation, mapping and search via two APIs:

  • MapKit API – The MapKit framework allows a developer to embed a comprehensive set of location-based services that include maps, search, traffic and static directions in an application with minimum programming effort.
  • Location Kit API – The LocationKit API provides a unified library across platforms and devices that can be used to request location information.

NBI is a set of APIs that can only be used natively on specific mobile devices.  For a REST or SOAP interface you  should have to look at their SMS, MMS and LBS Network APIs.

Verizon NBI is free to use, obviously with certain terms and conditions.

NBI supports Android, Blackberry, Brew and Windows Mobile native app development, and provide sample apps for Android, Blackberry and Brew.

CityGrid places, reviews, offers and mobile advertising APIs bundled with Verizon NBI location, navigation, mapping and search make a very robust mobile development stack.

Verizon and CityGrid are encouraging developers to build mobile applications on this stack.  When you leverage Verizon NBI and CityGrid API to deliver your app, Verizon will feature your apps in the Android Marketplace and Verizon App directory.