Which Browsers and Mobile Devices Will Run Your HTML5?

Right now we are riding the a new wave of web technology with HTML5. Everyone is in agreement that HTML5 is the future of web application development, and there is a lot of healthy debate about whether HTML5 or native apps are better for mobile app development.

Either way HTML5 is here to say. But HTML5 is a living, breathing specification and is constantly evolving and supported at different levels by web and mobile browser platforms.

So how do you stay up to speed on whether your customers browser or device will support the HTML5 code you are writing? You can start by visiting each web browsers support site:

Beyond each browser’s support site, there are a couple sites that provide specification for HTML5 support across all major browser platform and even provide you with tools for testing out your HTML5 code:

All major browser have started supporting HTML5 in some capacity or another. As a web or mobile developer you can’t ignore HTML5 and stay competitive. Because HTML5 is a living specification you will have to work hard to stay in tune with what browsers your customers are using and where each browser is at with its support of HTML5.

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