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CityGrid Impression Tracking for Hyp3rL0cal Directory

I’m working to make sure all my starter kits for CityGrid Places API are billable right out of the gate, all you should have to do is deploy, plugin your publisher code and submit to the CityGrid account management team for approval.

I’m not quite there yet, but getting closer.  Today I implemented the CityGrid Tracker on the Hyp3rL0cal PHP Local Directory, in hopes it will now be eligible for earning revenue with CityGrid “Places that Pay”.

There are 26 total action targets you can implement on a CityGrid places detail page, with 12 of them being billable.  Action targets are connections with CityGrid merchants that we track on.   For example just showing a business is one action target, others include showing reviews, offers and maps.  When you have CityGrid tracker in place, you get credit for these actions and if your approved as billable, you will get revenue share on these actions.

On the Hyp3rL0cal detail page I implemented this code for the tracker:

As you can see the action_target is for listing_profile, which is the most common action_target implemented.  Next the listing_id, reference_id, and i values are all pulled from the Places API response I just made to get my business listing.  So I plug in those variables.

After that you have to provide your publisher code and using the $_SERVER object I pull the User_Agent from my site user.  Last I set a placement value that is unique to how I want my reports setup for my tracking–I chose hyp3rl0cal_detail as this is the detail page on my Hyp3rL0cal site.

That is it, now the PHP version of the Hyp3rL0cal Directory should have everything done to be approved as billable.  I hope…I still have to submit and get it 100% approved.  Keep you posted.

CityGrid Takes Stance Against SOPA and PIPA

Sites across the Internet today are blacking out to show opposition to SOPA and PIPA.  Wikipedia, Craigslist and Google are just a few major sites that have chose to go completely black or just black out certain content to help educate users about the potentially damaging effects of these bills.

CityGrid stands firm in opposition of SOPA, and PIPA with the following sites participating:

  • Urbanspoon – Will black out access to portions of the site’s user-generated content (including photos and reviews)–when users hover over the black areas, they’ll be able to click on the UrbanSpoon anti-SOPA messaging to learn more, and then access the blocked content.
  • Citysearch – Local guide will be blocking access to multiple parts of the site: Things to Do Nearby; the first review under each business; and the marketing message on the top of the website; will also link to anti-SOPA messaging.

CityGrid encourages you to understand more about SOPA and PIPA, and reach out to your local congress-person, letting them know stand against these bills, and you want to keep the Internet open and accessible for everyone.

Urban Airship Shutting Down SimpleGeo

Just three months after Urban Airship acquired SimpleGeo, they are shutting down the places, context and storage service.

Urban Airship is merging SimpleGeo services into their mobile customer engagement solution to offer location and context-based services as part of the package.

Users of Urban Airship will be able to take advantage of location and context to better segment and engage their mobile audience by sending push notifications to users based upon specific device types, geographical regions and during specific time frames.

To be able to deliver this new functionality they are going to shut down the current versions of SimpleGeo Places, Context and Storage by March 31st, 2012.

Urban Airship is redirecting their places data customers to Factual to get the local data they need, and also have an additional list of replacement services for context and storage on their support site.

The good news for SimpleGeo customers is that you won’t be charged for the service, from now until it is closed down, and they are offering up to six months of their Urban Airship Pro Plan for no monthly charge.

This type of service shuttering is definitely a problem for web and mobile app developers who rely on smaller start-ups for their places or other related location data for their applications.  Something you won’t see with CityGrid Places API, since we are an established and profitable company, we are not looking to get acquired, and we are actively investing in other start-ups  who are building the next generation of local, mobile and social applications.