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SDKs are now open source

We want to make sure that you, our publishers, have the ability to help make CityGrid SDKs better for the entire community, and that you aren’t forced to wait for us to make changes or to make changes yourself that we’ll eventually make on our own (and expect you to use).

That’s why you’ll now find our SDKs on github.  iOS is located here and android here

Go ahead and fork the code on github and when you’re ready to submit changes post a merge request in the “citygrid-dev-talk” Google forum.  You can also submit an SDK in an additional language or let us know of examples you’ve built.

We can’t wait to see what exciting things you’ll come up with.

Reviews API Refresh


Today we are launching a refresh of our V2 Reviews API. The version number and the previous endpoints do not change, but we are adding new ones:

The new endpoints allow you to get reviews by Places Ids, but you need to have the place ids ahead of time. You can obtain places ids via the Places API. You can still filter by days, location, category etc.

If you are using the protocol buffers format, make sure to use the new .proto file.

We are deprecating the previous endpoint Do not worry, the endpoint will remain active well after the next major release launch, so you have plenty of time to switch to the new ones.

Time to Close v1, Moving to the New Platform

As most of you know, back in January we launched the second version of the CityGrid API suite. Updates to the platform included:

  • increased query volume
  • box and circle additions to region search
  • histogrammed results, grouped by category
  • impression tracking and improved reporting
  • more enhanced place page content from new premium partners
  • additional national and local advertisers in more cities
  • and more

We’ve been very happy with your adoption of version 2, and we’ve gathered good feedback from you along the way for upcoming and ongoing improvements. As we make these continual improvements with your help and input, version 2 will evolve to support the changing needs of your applications and business.

Which is why we’re announcing the close of version 1 on April 30th. All remaining publishers calling v1 APIs must migrate to v2 APIs by 11:59 ET on Saturday evening.  (more…)