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Turn Your WordPress Blog into Mobile City Guide

I’m always on the lookout for tools that CityGrid publishers can use alongside the web and mobile apps they’ve built using CityGrid Places and Advertising APIs.

Today I came across a cool WordPress plugin over at WP Mayor, a site for WordPress news, articles, hacks and plugin reviews, that turns your local blog into an iPhone enabled city guide, called Placeling.

To get started, Placeling provides an iPhone app that allows you to mark places that you’ve been, which will provide the reference for blog posts that you write later.  Next you install and activate the Placeling plugin in your Worpress site. You’ll notice that now, when you write a blog post you’ll see a marketer next to the upload photo button, and a new box called “Placeling” below the main editor.

The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to login to Placeling, which will give you access to the places that you’ve marked using the Placeling iPhone application.  No you have access to all the places you’ve been, linking them to the blog posts your writing on the places and things you’ve seen.

Each blog that is linked up to your Placeling places will be available via the Placeling iPhone app for other people, showing a summary you provide and a link to your blog post.  The WordPress plugin automatically appends the Placeling logo to the footer of your blog post, giving credit to Placeling and completing the local places blogging network they are working to build.

I think Placeling is  a creative approach to linking up local content to places, in a very hyperlocal way.  It shows a lot of promise if you can come up with ways to incentivize local bloggers to link their content to the network, and potentially monetize with places that pay and advertising.

Article Source CreditIntroducing Placeling: Turn Your Blog Into an iPhone-based City Guide


Developer Opportunity: Pinterest + CityGrid

Pinterest is blowing up, its one of those new app crazes that has really struck a chord, primarily with women. Its all over the media and blogosphere, and everyone is talking about staggering user counts and how much traffic can drive to a website.

I started playing with the Pinterest API to see what the potential of the platform is beyond just the consumer side. The API is simple, yet robust and each and every pin potentially has latitude, longitude and other location information associated with it.

To date the consumer side of Pinterest is is organized by category and very photo based for exploration and discovery. The local potential of Pinterest doesn’t even seem tapped at all yet, leaving huge opportunity for developers to build something cool that allows users to explore interesting things in a map, by city, neighborhood, zip code or in real-time via their mobile phone.

With this opportunity I’m adding it to my developer opportunity list. Seems like Pinterest API combined with CityGrid Places, Offers and Reviews APIs, you could make some interesting user experiences allowing web and mobile users to explore interesting things right around them.

You could easily monetize just by showing CityGrid places along with Pinterest content, and if you wanted to further monetize with CityGrid local advertising. I’m going to play with some PHP, Python and Ruby samples for Pinterest + CityGrid integrations, then maybe some mobile samples as well.

Let me know if you have any ideas as well.

CitySync is a New Civic Portal for City of Portland, Oregon

I came across a new platform for engagement, community, and participation from the City of Portland. CitySync gives residents and business owners a personalized way to access local news, information, and events in and around the city of Portland.

CitySync aims to provide residents with a number of customizable features, from location-based news feed, transportation and transit alerts and community forums.  Here are three areas the new hyperlocal portal will deliver content for Portland, Oregon residents:

  • PDX Democracy – Stay on top of upcoming City Council agenda topics, browse past Council session agendas and video, and share your ideas of how to make Portland an even greater city.
  • Shop Local – Discover new businesses in your neighborhood, browse deals from local shops, and learn more about the stories behind the businesses you love.
  • Portland Schools – Easily browse local school achievement data, including Adequate Yearly Progress reports, SAT score averages, and more.

CitySync wants to engage local citizens allowing them to submit and vote on new ideas and is engaging civic-minded developers, by holding a CitySync Ideas and Apps Challenge, hosted by CivicApps.

Portland has always been a model for open data and civic minded application development. The new CitySync portal looks like a model that other cities can look to for developing their own hyperlocal community web and mobile applications.