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CityGrid Tracker Added To WordPress Plugins

I’ve push the last couple days of changes to the CityGrid WordPress Directory and Search Plugins. I’m working to make the WordPress Plugins billable by default, so all you have to do is install, activate, plug in your publisher code and submit to our partner account management team.

Even with this push we aren’t 100% there yet. I will compare my demo WordPress sites to my checklist and submit them for review. The partner account management team will give me feedback on anything I left before I can be approved as billable, and start sharing revenue from “Places that Pay”.

I added the CityGrid tracker code to the places detail page for both the WordPress plugins:

Your WordPress installation should notify you of the update to the plugin, all you have to do is install it. The tracker will start providing more analytics about the traffic and interactions between your site visitors and the places you are displaying from CityGrid, which is available in your dashboard once billable.

I will run down my billable checklist tomorrow, and submit my demo sites for review.  Once I hear back I will blog abou the results.

New CityGrid Template for WordPress Directory Plugin

I just pushed an update for the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin. The WordPress Plugin lets any WordPress site owner to launch a business directory for their site, allowing them to choose the business categories they wish to display.

For example, if you want to show pizza, burgers, seafood and chinese food in your neighborhood you can launch the plugin, choose your categories, enter your city, neighborhood or zip code and it automatically adds a directory to your menu with the categories you wish to display.

The plugin has been around for a month, but it had a pretty basic look and feel, I wanted it to look better. Last week took the HTML and CSS template for CityGrid, cleaned it up and turned it into a template for any developer to use when deploying a local web directory.

I want my WordPress users to take advantage of this, so this week I added it to the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin. While doing this I also added a framework, allowing users to choose from multiple templates, meaning I will be adding more UI templates in the future.

I am almost done, adding the same template to the CityGrid WordPress Local Search Plugin today and committing the changes for everyone to take advantage of.

Hyp3r0cal for WordPress

I wanted a way to make the rich content available via CityGrid APIs accessible to anyone, even if you weren’t a developer.

CityGrid has some great iOS and Android software development kits (SDK) available for building local, mobile applications.  I’ve also built some samples and starter kits for building local web applications in PHP, Python and Ruby.

WordPress seemed like the perfect next step to reach a larger audience, so I took the PHP Hyp3rL0cal directory that uses CityGrid Places API, and deployed it as a WordPress Plugin.

Now you can launch a quick section on your WordPress blog or site that allows you to display businesses for your area, in whatever category you wish.

This CityGrid Hyp3rL0cal WordPress Plugin is meant to be a project that developers can learn from and even deploy their own local WordPress Plugins that use CityGrid APIs.  However its completely functional and could be deployed by any non-developer as well.

Right now you can download or fork at Github, as I stabilize it further I will publish to the CityGrid developer center code samples page.

If you have any questions or need help, visit the CityGrid Developer Forums or ping us on Twitter via @citygridapiteam.