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The Trouble with Local-Mobile-Social Search

BeerI live on the road. Every week, I’m in a different city or new neighborhood, looking for new places to eat, drink, work, sleep and so on. As such, I typically turn to my iPhone for guides and recommendations. The main apps I use for this: Yelp and Foursquare.

But neither does the job at all well. Over the last few days (I’m in San Francisco currently), I’ve struggled to find good breakfast, lunch, and beer joints.

Let’s use the search for a good beer as an example: Friday night, I wanted to find a bar within a 10 minute walk of my hotel (so there was a geolocation element to my search). I wanted to know if the place would be tolerable on a Friday night (as in, not too crowded, not too loud, no cover charge, etc). Most importantly: I wanted to know if the place had decent beer on tap.

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