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Turn Your WordPress Blog into Mobile City Guide

I’m always on the lookout for tools that CityGrid publishers can use alongside the web and mobile apps they’ve built using CityGrid Places and Advertising APIs.

Today I came across a cool WordPress plugin over at WP Mayor, a site for WordPress news, articles, hacks and plugin reviews, that turns your local blog into an iPhone enabled city guide, called Placeling.

To get started, Placeling provides an iPhone app that allows you to mark places that you’ve been, which will provide the reference for blog posts that you write later.  Next you install and activate the Placeling plugin in your Worpress site. You’ll notice that now, when you write a blog post you’ll see a marketer next to the upload photo button, and a new box called “Placeling” below the main editor.

The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to login to Placeling, which will give you access to the places that you’ve marked using the Placeling iPhone application.  No you have access to all the places you’ve been, linking them to the blog posts your writing on the places and things you’ve seen.

Each blog that is linked up to your Placeling places will be available via the Placeling iPhone app for other people, showing a summary you provide and a link to your blog post.  The WordPress plugin automatically appends the Placeling logo to the footer of your blog post, giving credit to Placeling and completing the local places blogging network they are working to build.

I think Placeling is  a creative approach to linking up local content to places, in a very hyperlocal way.  It shows a lot of promise if you can come up with ways to incentivize local bloggers to link their content to the network, and potentially monetize with places that pay and advertising.

Article Source CreditIntroducing Placeling: Turn Your Blog Into an iPhone-based City Guide


The Local Merchant: Inside the Minds and Motivations of the Business Owners Driving a $43 Billion Advertising Market

The awesome hyperlocal blog, Street Fight has produced a new hyperlocal marketing report called, “The Local Merchant: Inside the Minds and Motivations of the Business Owners Driving a $43 Billion Advertising Market.

The 48-page report contains:

  • Data from hyperlocal merchants and other sources
  • Information about how to use hyperlocal marketing channels effectively
  • Best practices for marketing to local merchants
  • Case studies of hyperlocal marketing campaigns
  • Reviews of platform pitches

Key findings are:

  • Low costs, especially upfront, reign supreme for merchants still moving into this sector
  • A significant learning curve about the the technologies and services exists among a large portion of merchants
  • It is unclear to many whether spending on hyperlocal should be viewed as a marketing expense or as means to direct ROI
  • LBS and hyperlocal sites are more effective marketing channels than traditional daily deals within the last mile
  • Health and personal care sectors are best suited to daily deals, while restaurants find more success in LBS

“The Local Merchant” holds lessons and data for companies marketing to local merchants and for anyone looking to better understand this dynamic area — advertisers of all sizes; media companies and technology companies who have local as a focus; investors who want to better understand the customers of the companies they invest in; and the hyperlocal services and platforms who are pounding the street every day for this business.

You can get the report on the Street Fight web site for $349.