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New CityGrid Template for WordPress Search Plugin

I pushed an update for the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin earlier today.   I finished porting over the changes to the CityGrid WordPress Search Plugin as well.

Both my WordPress plugins had a pretty basic look and feel, I wanted them to look better. So using the HTML and CSS template I borrowed from CityGrid I added it to both of the CityGrid WordPress Plugins to make them look sharper.

So now both the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin and CityGrid WordPress Search Plugin have a default UI template, as well as the ability to switch it and make it look like CityGrid.com.

Next I’m going to add another template or two, then start extending the functionality of each template, allowing WordPress site owners to have as much flexibility when deploying business search or directories using CityGrid Places API.

New CityGrid Template for WordPress Directory Plugin

I just pushed an update for the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin. The WordPress Plugin lets any WordPress site owner to launch a business directory for their site, allowing them to choose the business categories they wish to display.

For example, if you want to show pizza, burgers, seafood and chinese food in your neighborhood you can launch the plugin, choose your categories, enter your city, neighborhood or zip code and it automatically adds a directory to your menu with the categories you wish to display.

The plugin has been around for a month, but it had a pretty basic look and feel, I wanted it to look better. Last week took the HTML and CSS template for CityGrid, cleaned it up and turned it into a template for any developer to use when deploying a local web directory.

I want my WordPress users to take advantage of this, so this week I added it to the CityGrid WordPress Directory Plugin. While doing this I also added a framework, allowing users to choose from multiple templates, meaning I will be adding more UI templates in the future.

I am almost done, adding the same template to the CityGrid WordPress Local Search Plugin today and committing the changes for everyone to take advantage of.

Local City Guide WordPress Theme

I was looking for WordPress themes to make the new Hyp3rL0cal WordPress directory look a little more, well city. I came across a pretty nice looking one from the guys over at Woo Themes.

They’ve developed a theme designed just for WordPress sites that focus on showcasing places, businesses and other geo information about a particular city.

The Woo Themes City Guide WordPress theme features:

  • Home Page Featured Module – A custom home page featured module that can be used as an about section for the site. You can dedicate an image or a Google Map to this area.
  • Google Maps integration – Google Maps integration for geo-tagging of posts, with a custom map panel for your blog post editor and map widgets for usage in the sidebar. The integration also pulls the location from the map and displays the physical address next to the map in the location details.
  • Custom Widgets – Other Custom Woo Widgets for use in the 6 widgetized zones – e.g. Twitter feeds, Popular post tabber, Adspace banners, and Flickr photo streams
  • Alternative styles – 6 alternate styles to better fit your company/personality. These alternate styles are meant as a base for further more intricate styling details that you can add to the stylesheet.

The Woo Themes City Guide WordPress theme sells for $70.00. I found other WordPress themes I will showcase in future posts, but I thought this one was pretty cool.

I will purchase a copy of it, and play with building modules for it that work with CityGrid Places API and integrates CityGrid Advertising API into it so you can monetize your WordPress City Guide.